Channel partners should capitalise on SMB’s adoption of colour lasers

Posted on Aug 10 2017 - 12:30pm by Editorial Content

Hassan Masaud, product manager (ink and laser) at Brother UK, explains the work Brother is doing to support the colour laser market’s growth among SMBs and why the market provides new opportunities for channel firms

Last year the colour laser market bolted on 27 per cent of growth. These models have grown in popularity among SMBs, as they’ve emerged as an increasingly cost effective way of providing secure, high-speed printing at large volumes easily.

More and more SMBs are looking at where they can maximise efficiency. Slow print speeds, high print costs, poor security and limited usability are common frustrations for small businesses. They are willing to make the initial investment to ensure that the time it takes for employees to print at high volumes is reduced, while documents are protected and costs are managed.

Colour lasers offer exactly this, and for users with high print volumes they are increasingly among the most suitable options. This gives channel partners a significant opportunity to capitalise on their popularity.

We’ve developed a new series of laser models, the L8000 and L9000 ranges, to enable channel partners to capture this increasing demand for easier, safer and scalable printing. The seven new models provide cost-effective colour printing, which can each be scaled with tower trays to fit the printing needs of a personal office or an entire department, meeting wide-ranging requirements from SMEs for volume printing via one machine.

The printers can also be customised by programming time-saving task shortcuts onto the large touchscreen interface, making routine printing or scanning easier for employees.

The high-yield toners also give users the opportunity to print in large volumes and we’ve incorporated Brothers own print management solution, B-guard, as well as other industry recognized solutions such as FollowMe and Papercut to allow for greater control.

With security becoming a growing concern in this market, the new models can also help keep documents and data safe with password protection functions, network user authentication and advanced network settings.

We’re positioning the printers as solutions to help SMB’s increase efficiency and grow their businesses. For channel partners, there is a wealth of opportunities to target this market with printer models that have traditionally been thought of as enterprise-level equipment. But, demonstrating how new machines can solve common pain points will be key in doing so.