Midshire upgrades Manchester Airport Control Tower

Posted on Aug 13 2017 - 6:30pm by Editorial Content

Dubbed the best office in Manchester when unveiled in 2013, the latest upgrade to the Control Tower at Manchester Airport has been handled by Midshire.

Control Tower at Manchester Airport

Control Tower at Manchester Airport

The company has just completed a complex IT installation at the Tower to accommodate the building’s innovative window system. With a crucial 360-degree panoramic view Control Tower operators use leading edge radar monitors and displays to manage take off and landings, but uninterrupted visibility via a state-of-the-art window system is key.

Each pane of glass in the Control Tower is hinged in the middle at either side, so they can be turned a full 360-degrees and be cleaned regularly with minimum disruption to operations.

The Tower is home to more than 70 different systems, 100 computers, plasma touch displays and other communications equipment, which is used to monitor weather, control mapping and flight traffic. Midshire used desk mounts, pole girders and articulated brackets to enable all IT equipment, monitors and screens to move in multiple directions and not impede access to the rotating windows.