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Tablets are often portrayed as print killers, but are they bad for business? Instinctively, you feel they must be, even if the experience of others – including contributors to our mobile printing feature on page 30 – suggests otherwise. The jury may be out on the true impact of tablets/smartphones on print volumes, but as West McDonald so eloquently explains in his latest Ponderings from across...

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It’s encouraging to see that there is lots of activity and new product launches within the print market. Despite months of speculation that Sharp is in trouble, the firm reaffirmed its commitment to its Document business to channel partners during its first ever pan-European conference in Barcelona and unveiled a suite of new products and solutions to be launched in 2013 (page 25). In this issue...

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100 plus business equipment dealers gathered in Manchester on September 26 to hear of the continuing success of DSales Ltd, the UK distributor for the Develop multifunctional range (page 28), and almost all of them voiced an opinion on the Panorama expose which aired a week earlier. The majority were indignant that the practices highlighted were definitely not the norm and concerned that the programme...

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This October Photizo‘s Transform MPS conference is coming to London. At a time of great change in the printer industry, this is an opportunity for resellers to find out more about this growth area, its challenges and opportunities. Hardly a week goes by without the launch of new products offering digital alternatives to paper processes – see the latest edition of Business Info magazine (

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Following disappointing Q1 printer sales, it is encouraging that Oki and Brother still see potential in the European print market (see pages 25/26 and 29/30). Their ambitious sales targets may be inflated by assumptions about future exchange rates and rely heavily on growth in emerging markets, but they are based on opportunities in mature markets too. Many of these relate to solutions and services,...

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Kingswood Media has been producing magazines about office technology, including printers, for more than a decade, but always for end users. This is our first trade magazine. PrintIT Reseller is the sister publication of our end user title PrintIT, which many of you will know. Indeed, it was the positive feedback from trade readers that inspired us to launch a reseller version of the magazine. However,...