Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 17 – Free Download

Posted on Nov 15 2014 - 4:44pm by admin

November 6 was World Paper-Free Day, when business people and consumers were encouraged to give up paper for 24 hours. No, we

Print IT Reseller Magazine - Issue 17 - Free Download

Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 17 – Free Download

didn’t either.

Clearly, there are examples of wasteful printing in business – often pointed out by resellers themselves – but generally office workers don’t print just for the hell of it. They print because that is what the process demands or because paper is the best medium for a particular task, such as proofing-reading or marking up documents. So, why give-up paper? It’s not like smoking is it? It’s true that World Paper-Free Day does focus the mind on document workflows, but this is something that printer resellers and MPS providers do day-in, day-out as part of their existing business relationships.

World Paper-Free Day may seem provocative and challenging for the print community, but if you ignore the gimmick of giving up paper and focus on the initiative’s main aim, which is to motivate businesses to introduce more productive, more efficient and less wasteful document processes, there is no conflict. For today’s resellers, every day is World Paper-Free Day.

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